Dr. Recomended Ionix Foot Detox

Dr. Recomended Ionix Foot Detox

90 minutes

One of the only treatments available to assist in the release of Heavy metals, Mould, toxins, and more. Enjoy More energy, less pain and better sleep. Each Treatments includes the use of the Far Infrared SOQI SPA which allows a huge spike of oxygenation but opens up your capillaries and increases blood blow as well as the release of toxins through the cellular wall. We then briefly hook you up onto our patended e-power device that simply raises, restores and rebalance the Negative Potential energy around the cell

 allowing your organs to "dump" out the waste while allowing your 

body to ABSORB the nutrition. The E-Power device also assists in RAISING your serotonin levels which is GREAT if you have Depression or Anxiety but your body requires Serotonin to create MELATONIN which aids in a better deep sleep. ALL of this assists in an even better, more intense overall effect from the Ionix foot bath.... We also provide you with 2 bottles of Premium Terahertz Charged water to assist in the absorption of nutrients but also the removal of waste ... Many Doctors not only refer their Patients here for this protocol but are also Patients here as well.

If your serious about a life style change, consider a 6-pack intensive detox. For $199.00 ALL INCLUSIVE you receive 6 treatments, but we suggest you do 3 the first week, 2 the following week and then one the week after. Seeing is believing.